Anuskha & Bhavin Vader - Wedding & Reception

Anushka & Bhavin

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Anushka & Bhavin

Our story wasn’t to be told by anyone other than Dino. We knew this for sure. It’s the moment we heard his reassuring voice say “I’d be honoured to capture your special day” that’s when we knew him and his inspirational team would capture those moments you’d miss if you blinked.

Dino is a true artist who got it right no matter what it took. The effort Dino gives is no less than 110%. For a couple who shy away from the spotlight we were instantly at ease with Dino and his team. His imagery is like no other I’ve seen and it’s clear he can see something through that lens that not all photographers have the skill to see.

An incomparable visionary who leads the pack when it comes to photography. We are forever grateful for not only the images you managed to capture that will stay with us for life, but also the friendship you have given us. I would recommend no other than Dino Jeram (unless his son takes over his trade)

Anushka & Bhavin

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