Arvinder & Hetal

Firstly I am not the one to usually write testimonials. I am however a person who believes in service and quality of product. That is why I now find myself taking time to share with you my (and my wife’s) open and honest opinion about Dino; the service, the product and more importantly the man behind the lens.

From the first meeting it was obvious that Dino was a man passionate about his work. I never felt that it was just “business” with him. It was and has always been an exploration of creative ideas and what he could and would deliver for us. I found him to be refreshingly honest, trustworthy and most importantly true to his word. From that first meeting Dino was booked (a year in advance). I guess when you know you have the right person for one of the most landmarked days of your life the last thing you want is to be kicking yourself for not getting them there and then.

The day itself…well a few weeks before to begin with. We had a “pre-wedding photo shoot” and this was our first test to see what Dino could deliver. Fighting the bitter cold Dino snapped away. They gave us nudges towards shots they wanted to try but the most important thing to us was that they allowed us to bring our own “creative” ideas to the table. It became a partnership with Dino that would carry through to the big day. We put forward our own suggestions and ideas and simply put, Dino made it happen. No task was to small for him and within minutes we hardly knew he was there as the pictures were taken one after another. The pictures were provided prior to the big day and they were fantastic. So many people have commented and asked, “Who took them? They’re amazing”.

Then we move to the day itself. Dino were ever present. He gave us ideas and gently guided us through the key moments so that they would be captured, timeless and forever. Once again Dino was patient with us and also all of our guests. If we wanted a shot Dino was happy to provide it. If we weren’t comfortable with something Dino had not just one, but three or four different ideas to replace it. He simply oozes creativity and is very conscious that it is our day and that the pictures we may or may not want are all that matter. The day itself was truly perfect; the pictures that were provided keep that day perfect for us every time we look back at them. We could have hired a cheaper photographer but I doubt I would keep looking back with such a smile every time I see how Dino managed to capture every single key moment (even those we missed in the hustle and bustle of the day).

In fairness it is obvious that Dino is talented at what he does; his pictures speak for themselves and stand out more than the majority of photographers on the world wide web. He is a man with a solid reputation, a positive outlook and most importantly a “can do” attitude. I am confident that he is on his way to achieving great things in the photography world and I am glad that my wife and I could be a small part of his journey.

Dino, from the both of us, thank you for your time, patience and creativity. You know just how much photos mean to us and you have managed to live up to and exceed our expectations in what you have delivered to us. Should anyone ask for a recommendation for a photographer (regardless of the occasion) there will simple be one name leaving our lips…Dino Jeram.
Until the next time, Mr & Mrs Marwaha.