Harshil & Meghna

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Harshil & Meghna

Yes he is an amazing photographer, has an abundance of creative thoughts for every image and did make us as a couple very comfortable throughout all of our events (even helping with the logistics of organising and directing over 700 guests!). But I always say that any one can learn to operate a camera, however the truly stunning images do not come from the camera but come from the imagination of the person pressing the button, this is a skill that can’t be taught, a skill that only Dino has! Creative, Visionary and Professional are just some of the words we could mention but these would be related to his technical photography skills that all can see through his images and do not do justice to his personal skills that come as a package with his photography.

Dino doesn’t just provide a client-supplier relationship but also brings with him a true friendship as a person. He was fantastic with our wedding photography but the friendship we developed and the willingness to go the extra mile for us following the wedding is something we will be ever thankful for.

Very quickly after my wedding, my mum went into hospital seriously ill, we were told she would not make it. I contacted Dino immediately and asked if there was any way he could get the wedding photos to me as soon as possible as I wanted my mum to see them before she left us as she had previously stated her desire to see the wedding photos. Although we were not due to receive the photos until a couple of months later, Dino put a tremendous amount of time and effort in and delivered the photos to us within a couple of days of our request. As a result my mum got to see her son’s wedding photos shortly before taking her last breath. Words cant explain the gratitude we owe to Dino. This is what makes Dino truly unique from all others – he didn’t see us as just clients but did his utmost to meet the wishes of my Mum in exceptional circumstances, his work gave her the memories that she took with her to heaven.

Forever in your debt.
Harsh and Meghna.