Khilna & Nihal Wedding, Dino Jeram Photography Ltd

Khilna & Nihal

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Khilna & Nihal

Before we decided on Dino, we’d met a couple of other photographers. Their work was impressive, but when we met Dino, we decided that he was the photographer that we wanted. Dino described his wedding photos as unique works of art and this was evident as he showed us the samples.

When Dino started working with us, his enthusiasm and passion for the job were palpable, and all of our friends commented on how energetic our photographer was (even when dealing with difficult uncles who refuse to relinquish their DSLRs!).

We have recently received the photos from our wedding and the end result is wonderful. We are so happy that we picked Dino to capture our special day, and would recommend him to all of our family and friends.

Nihal & Khilna Haria-Shah.

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