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Nik & Nikki

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Nik & Nikki

After meeting a whole array of photographers my wife stumbled across Dino. Within 10 minutes of meeting Dino we knew he was the photographer for us. His style was exactly what we were looking for and he quickly put to bed all of our concerns and fears.

The day came of our first event. My wife and I are normally very camera shy, and don’t like taking photos but with Dino this was a breeze, he made things easy for us and worked around our needs. He is a true professional when he is capturing his shots, doing whatever is necessary to capture the very best shots without wasting time and always giving 200% in his work.

From the first click of the camera, we knew we had a fantastic and passionate photographer and we were set to receive the most amazing photos; and when the day finally came to choose through the pictures, we were in a state of shock. The photos had surpassed what we dreamed they would be. He managed to capture every moment, every emotion and every feeling, that we and our guests had felt on the day, beautifully. Flicking through the pictures we relived our wonderful day, then came the only downside, if you can call it a downside, to the whole experience……….choosing the album photos. My wife and I began to choose our wedding album photos and before we knew it we had over 1000 photos to fit into an album which is recommended to have about 200!!! Dino had taken so many wonderful and exquisite photos that we just couldn’t choose any to cut out. Eventually we did get it down to the required amount but it could not have been any easier for us without the advice and support Dino provided in selecting the best pictures.

Dino is a very understanding and professional photographer and provides excellent services pre-events, during the events and post- events. Most of all Dino is down to earth, someone who you can call or message anytime with your concerns and he will do his utmost to help.

Nikki & Nik

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