Pre Wedding Shoots
Also known as engagement shoots. The purpose of these are to create a set of images that depict you as a couple.

What is expected from you.
Clearly you have ideas on what you would like. It would be expected that you are able to articulate the type of images you would like.  Perhaps creating a document with some potential examples.

The complimentary Pre Wedding shoot time is set to 60 minutes, any further time used will be charged at our normal rate.  We urge you to be as efficient as possible with the time. Please also note that pre wedding shoots will be between Monday-Thursday.

Complimentary Pre Wedding Shoots are local to my home address (Harrow).  Your location should be something that matters to you, Once you have figured out your location please let us know.  Permission is required in most cases by the venue, even if this is a local park.  Some locations do charge for this service and some have restrictions applied for this form of photography.  Depending on the journey we may also charge travel expense and additional time.  If I don’t feel that the specific venue will I will request a change to the venue.

We are happy to discuss ideas and potential locations.

Ensure you make best use of the time. A change of clothes doesn’t have to be a full change. A change of a top and shoes is enough sometimes, that I will leave up to you.

Post Pre Wedding shoot
A first draft selection of images will be made available, You are required to choose the specific images you would like for post production.

Number of images will be limited to 20 images for final production.

Please do not share/copy these images in a non post produced state.
Please allow for 20 days for post production for your selected images.