Rajvee & Firat Wedding and Reception Manor of Groves

Rajvee & Firat

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Rajvee & Firat

We like to think of ourselves as perfectionists, okay – maybe that’s a strong word, but Rajvee certainly has a keen eye for anything aesthetic and can pick out details that don’t  even occur to most people. When we met Dino and saw his work we knew that he would match how we wanted the day captured.

Having gone through the process of planning a wedding, we’ve realised how easy it is to underestimate the value of a wedding photographer as essentially, without them (and of course that one friend who likes to think of themselves as a professional photographer) there would be nothing but your memory to relive those moments. Having recently received our Indo-Turk wedding pictures, we’re ecstatic to say that Dino has captured all the moments in ways that we didn’t think were possible – they’ve made us feel the emotions all over again and have beautifully captured both cultures.

During one of our meetings with Dino, Rajvee said, “don’t make me do one of those cheesy wedding poses, I can’t do that!” to which Dino responded, “don’t worry, you won’t even know that I’m there.” And he was spot on, Dino and the team effortlessly became a part of the wedding, causing absolutely no disruption and with their great senses of humour, it was an absolute pleasure to have them around.

We can’t recommend Dino and the team highly enough!

Rajvee & Firat

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