Seema and Nimesh

Seema & Nimesh

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Seema & Nimesh

Fearless, creative, passionate, confident, unique and an absolute smashing person.

We knew it had to be Dino before we had even met him. Through the lead up to our events, during the actual events and post events, Dino gave us 110% each time. He went above and beyond his call of duty, exceeding every expectation. He remained professional, stood by his every word and delivered!

We instantly built a rapport with him and grew fond of his energy, charisma and dedication. His artistry is second to none, ensuring each picture paints a story.

He quickly fitted in with our family & friends and made himself at home, which is exactly the type of photographer we wanted. He understood our personalities immediately and tailored what he had to offer accordingly. He played a huge role in making our day incredible, bringing with him lots of laughter, fun and smiles. It’s been an absolute joy having him around.

He has captured all our special moments and more, providing us with picture perfect memories of a lifetime, more then we could’ve ever imagined.

We highly recommend Dino, he is most definitely one of a kind.

Seema & Nimesh

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