Album Production and Proofing

• Main books = 3 Draft
• Parent (smaller) Books = 1 Draft

Album changes
A spread is described as two pages, the filename represents the page numbers.
For example
001-002 This spread is page one and page two.

There are various changes that maybe required to your draft album for the sake of accuracy please use the full photo numbers when describing a photograph.

For a video showing how to proof please click here - to view the pdf please click here 

See examples of this below
Here is a few examples of changes
Increase / Decrease the size of 1_Wedding_IMG_0649 on spread 003-004
Move 1_Wedding_IMG_1930 from 005 to 009
Swap 1_Wedding_IMG_8471 with 1_Wedding_IMG_8504

Centre based images.
When creating a spread there is a high chance for design purposes that we will use images across a centre of a spread.   There is usually a concern on the centre line.

Creative Direction: Unless otherwise agreed, The client accepts Dino Jeram Ltd’s decisions on creativity within the product(s) or service(s). Creative album production and editing style are at the discretion of Dino Jeram Photography Ltd and will meet to the high quality as demonstrated from the outset.

Layout Restrictions
Selective Colour – No images will be edited to selective colour
No Images will be used for transparent or opaque backgrounds
Dino Photo Ltd will not accept any photos for Web Gallery or Album Production from any third party sources.

Album Restrictions
White Borders – There is usually boarders which is actually called a safety lines which is where the print production company will guarantee actually print once it goes out of the zone the boarders can differ on the left or right of the page.

Full Page Images – we may create some spreads with full edge to edge images however we will have to keep in mind the trim line as well as the safety lines

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