The importance of getting a wedding album.
• Digital images do NOT last forever. There is always a chance you will loose electronic data, we do not keep copies.
• Photographs are still moments of a story, the album is the only way to display a story as you can visualise pages of photos rather than one at a time.
• Viewing photographs on TV do not replicate the correct colours and resolution, and just cannot replace print.
• All TV's now are HD which means that all your photos will look stretched.

These are just some of the gorgeous album products from our Italian supplier.

Latest Tech

10" display in your box. The ultimate experience for those who have great video to experience or even a slideshow.  Up to 4gb of memory. Recommended 10" screen with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. 

5 hours battery life (rechargeable)


Full cutomisation available

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